​For me, it’s always been about stories.

Both my undergraduate and graduate degrees are in fiction writing, and in the pre-internet years that followed, I published short fiction in The Dangling Participle and Eureka Literary Magazine. Like so many writers, though, the real world got in the way of my imagination for a long time. Day jobs and parenting filled every hour and every corner of my mind.

Or did they?

It turns out that there were stories brewing there all along. Not all writing is in the trickle of words onto pages; it seems there was writing happening in my daydreaming, all this time. When the space opened, those daydreams came bubbling through my fingers, this time as the seeds of longer pieces that soon became the maps of bigger things: novels.

It is delicious work. And if you are an editor curious about the first novel – a story about abortion and coming of age in the 1960s Midwest – you might reach out to my wonderful agent, Rena Rossner of The Deborah Harris Agency.

In the meantime, here’s what I’m reading about to support my imaginary heroines:


  • World War II airplane factories and the women who worked there
  • Chromium yellow paint
  • Narcissistic injury
  • Scrap metal drives
  • Feminist activism in the American Midwest of the 1960s
  • Wisconsin rural clinics
  • Radical radiotherapy
  • Holocaust scholarship of the 1980s