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My dear friend Clare is moving away. We raised our children and ourselves-as-parents in each other’s homes. Her kitchen was lit with string lights, and since it will now be so far away, I’m hanging lights in mine. I hope they keep raising me. #kitchenmedicine

Learning to cook with fruits and vegetables was only a matter of not interfering with what they naturally have to offer: texture, color, sweetness, acidity, musk, and flavor. By the time it was all over, I’d discovered that the same was true for children.

Real parental love is making your child an empirically-proven inferior pasta shape because it's her favorite. Ugh, tricolor rotini. Right, @TheSporkful?

PSA for parents as #YomKippur starts: this fast is spiritual. If you talk about its effect on your weight, your kids will notice, especially your daughters. Don't talk about "earning" your dessert tomorrow, etc. Yom Kippur is a religious holiday, not a diet kickstart. Be mindful.

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