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Hey, KITCHEN MEDICINE is a #1 New Release on @amazon in Children's Allergies & Health. I hope that means parents of kids with #foodallergies will find it more easily. It's hard enough to parent without feeling unseen and overwhelmed and alone. #parenting

KARMA! (Ok, I am sad about this because as a former partron [sic] I wanted them to succeed, but also I wanted off their email list and it looks like now I am!)

Farro via @NYTCooking was excellent but with wayyyyy too little in the way of leftovers, which the best review I can give ever. Also PSA: hide your leftovers if you want any.

Hooray! The adorable & informative new graphic book by @KimMoldofsky is here! There’s plenty of time to order “It’s Her Story: Amelia Earhart” for your young friends for Women’s History Month. Wait til you see the great drawings and dialogue - congrats, Kim! #WomensHistoryMonth

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