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My kid’s best friend has COVID. She stopped masking in school a while ago, and my kid didn’t, but they ride to school together in the same car, maskless. Now my daughter is isolating in our house bc I am high risk. Every case of COVID ripples out. I wish it didn’t.

I'm YEARS late to the party, but me & my 17yo have been basically snorting the show Better Things. We have a handful of episodes left; I am already mourning the end. No joke, this is the best depiction of mid-life mothering I've ever seen. Thank you, @pamelaadlon. Be my BFF?

Nice to see this syndicated to Yahoo News - hoping more eyes on it will mean more parents find a way to take a deep breath and ask more questions when they're in the ER with their sick kids.

TW: sexual violence

Listen to the whole thing. Legislators pushing new abortion laws w/ "exceptions" for assault are throwing these sneaky, cruel bonus restrictions in. Imagine someone brave enough to report her rape being put in prison because the guy didn't get convicted.

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