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This pretty much sums up this year. On the toilet, clutching my mask, trying to think my way out. Today is my 46th birthday. My heart is heavy with the world’s ache and my own dashed dreams, but fortunately, when someone leaves a toilet in an alley, I can make use of it.

So, what's worse: anticipatory hope that gets slowly extinguished over time, or well-founded hopelessness that gets reinforced? Asking for a friend.

I live just north of Chicago, one of those “Democratic-run cities.” If a woman was going to be offered an abortion in the moments before birth, I think this would be the place. I’ve had 2 births in 2 hospitals. No one offered. BECAUSE THIS IS NOT A THING.

Think you can’t be honest with your kids about the mistakes you’ve made? Do it right, like @LeibovSarah, and they’ll surprise you. Love this essay and its message of redemption! #talktoyourkids #parenting

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