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Someone shared a #latke alignment chart recently, and I thought we needed one for #sufganiyot. #JewishTwitter, here's some hot fried hot takes.

Our amazing pandemic thrones made it into an @onparenting story by @amyjoyce_berg! Thanks to my husband for his fantastic skills. If only I'd known this was going to be featured, I'd have worn one of the tiaras we bought to match them!

A reminder from @WarriorNikki which, frankly, we should all be posting and texting and sharing on a regular basis:

My heart is in my throat for this family. Thank goodness the GoFundMe has been successful, but I can imagine the stress of trying to keep a vulnerable baby safe. Oh my gosh, please prioritize this family for vaccination.

Great piece from @CarrieMGoldman on how to adjust expectations AND reality around #remoteschool - including great ideas for adjusting learning by @DevorahHeitner and others. This year is hard, folks - read this for some ideas on how to make it easier.

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