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Your employer, college, school, or favorite venue can and should require vaccinations as a condition of entry.

The only option not to would be a daily negative test.

Local in local! The lovely anthology of women’s writing from @hipcircleEC in my #LittleFreeLibrary. (I bought two - the other is in my office.) You can buy a copy here:

Seconding this & adding that, if this happens to my high-school kid, the unvaccinated people should be forced to leave their estates to her. After another year of online math she will not be able to manage adult budgeting, and the unvaccinated will be dead by year-end anyway.

Self-conscious of my involuntary hip/shoulder dance to the music in my headphones at the cafe, I looked up to see a middle-aged man doing the same thing across the way as he browses an office supply catalogue. #solidarity

Writing memoir, the plot was both the easiest & hardest part; I didn't have to invent but also couldn't change it. I thought fiction would be easier, but apparently logic still applies. Though I CAN change the plot, one little change effects everything. Darn. No writing is easy!

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