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Are you a woman in your late 30s/40s/early 50s wondering WTF all the time? Read this. (also, WTF is a complete question. Not WTF about something, just WTF.)

Eating these reminds me of standing in my friend Sofia’s kitchen, watching her mother make them from scratch on a huge cast iron press. She called them “picaditas” and said she couldn’t feel the hot oil burning her fingertips. I’m not eating food. I’m eating a story.

I am not all intellect and fancy baking so sometimes I watch @BravoTV. Last week Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had a commercial for an anti-abortion nonprofit. Wtf @bravotv @Andy? @lisarinna? @erikajayne @doritkemsley1? This is your politics? If so, I am out, & I’m not alone.

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